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April 3rd - December 14th 2017.
STATION F - Fondation Groupe EDF
PULSAR The Open Art Prize is the first art prize rewarding art works born from the encounter of artists and digital creators. During a week, from October 2 to 5 at STATION F, PULSAR The Open Art Prize will be a experimental lab for the art of tomorrow. On October 5, a jury will reward three winner projects with €10 000, €20 000 and € 30 000 grants to produce and exhibit them at Fondation Groupe EDF in December. Learn more by clicking the arrows bellow.
Finalist projects
Download here the finalist projects presentations

During four days, from October 2 to 5, the 10 PULSAR finalist teams are invited at STATION F to produce the prototype of collaborative work on the basis of which they were selected last July. They will try to win one of the three prizes of € 10,000, € 20,000 and € 30,000 which will then serve them to go from the prototype to the final art work and expose it at the Fondation Groupe EDF from December 9 to 14, 2017. To meet this challenge, these teams will be welcomed in the 2000 m2 of workshops of our partner TechShop - Leroy Merlin where they will benefit from the best digital manufacturing technologies to realize their prototype in a record time : 3D printing, laser cutting, Arduino, etc.

Finalist teams

  • Jean-Michel Albert & Edouard Sautai
  • Gaspard Bébié-Valérian
  • Eric Minh Cuong Castaing
  • Jane Rioufol
  • Pierre-Julien Fieux
  • Grand8
  • Albertine Meunier
  • François Maurin
  • Sasha Romashko
  • Lucas Matichard
  • Vasil Tasevski
  • Charlotte Burtin
  • France Dubois
  • Dayoung Jeong
  • Lennart Lahuis
  • Pauline Lavogez
  • Martha Le Bars
  • Kokou Ferdinand Makouvia
  • Patrick Simkins
  • Nathalie Auzépy
  • Milène Guermont
  • Lor-K
  • Barthélémy Antoine-Loeff
  • Gaetan Robillard
  • Jean-Marc Matos
  • Anne-Charlotte Yver
  • Romain Astouric
  • Min Cezar Hong
  • Dorian Reunkrilerk
  • Thomas Guillemet
  • Filipe Vilas-Boas
  • Arthur Zerktouni
  • Henry Flouzat
  • Hanoh Szpira
  • Clément Barbisan
  • Antoine Bonnet
  • Nathan Delavictoire
  • Raphael Foulon
  • Sylvia Fredriksson
  • Adrien Garcia
  • Simon Hill
  • Jean-Baptiste Lenglet
  • Ludovic Mallegol
  • Yann Ofanowski
  • Raphael Poli
  • Fahed Toumi
  • Mathilde Gentil
  • Julien Hogert
  • Hubert Mardi
  • Almaz Vaglio
  • Paul Vivien
  • Laugalyte Egle
  • Christian Delécluse
Download here the finalist projects presentations

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PULSAR The Open Art Prize  gathers brands keen on support new forms of contemporary creation and involved in the transformation of their organization to prepare it for the coming world.
Other partners will join us soon.
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Accenture is the major partner of PULSAR The Open Art Prize first edition. Accenture co-created with PULSAR the technological capsules programmed every day from 2 to 5 October at STATION F.

The Fondation Groupe EDF is the great patron of PULSAR The Open Art Prize first edition. The Fondation Groupe EDF will host the final exhibition of this first edition in December in its space located in the VIIth district of Paris.


STATION F is partner of the first edition of PULSAR The Open Art Prize. STATION F welcomes PULSAR from 2 to 5 October 2017 for its great week of creation.

WeTransfer and PULSAR The Open Art Prize have entered into a new kind of diffusion partnership. In January 2018, at the end of the exhibition at the Fondation Groupe EDF, WeTransfer will broadcast on its platform the winning works of PULSAR in their digital version.

Partner of this first edition, TechShop - Leroy Merlin welcomes the 10 finalist teams of PULSAR from 2 to 5 October 2017 to create their prototype of collaborative work.

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