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PULSAR The Open Art Prize is the first collaborative art prize. It rewards artworks born from the encounter between artists and creators from the digital fields.
TechShop/Leroy Merlin - STATION F - Cnam - Fondation Groupe EDF
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Rendez-vous from 6 (opening night starting at 6:00 pm) to 16 December for the exhibition of the winning works of our 2nd edition at the Fondation Groupe EDF.
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They were 58, having been selected among the 150 candidates for the 2nd edition of PULSAR thanks to Selection Committees. These creators of all kinds met on June 5 at the Fondation Groupe EDF for a speedating evening where they teamed up to continue the adventure. Then 21 at the end of the evening, they are now only 10 finalists teams. On July 5 and 6, they were selected on the basis of a collaborative note of intent presented to the second juries. From September 26 to October 2, they competed in a short time prototyping challenge of their project and at the end of this week, the final jury, gathered at le Cnam, awarded the three grants of € 10,000, € 20,000 and € 30,000. These grants enable the winning teams to produce their work in order to present it at the Fondation Groupe EDF from December 6th to 16th.
Discover the winning projects of our second edition : Ghost Machine, by Jonathan Pêpe and Fabien Zocco (1st prize), Fran, Steve, Peter et les autres, by Antonin Fourneau, Alice Martins and Nicolas Tilly (2nd prize), Lucioles le sale quart d’heure, by Olivain Porry and Trapier Duporté (3rd prize) and Balanced, by Frédéric Deslias, Jeanne Morel, Paul Marlier and Fabrice Starzinskas (Prix Jeune).

« La disparition de l’oeuvre » France Culture "Existe-t-il une identité numérique française" PULSAR dans Usbek & Rica "Lancement de la 2e édition de PULSAR" L'ADN



PULSAR The Open Art Prize  federates companies wishing to support new forms of creation and engaged in the transformation of their organization to prepare it for the coming world.

We are currently gathering support for this new edition. If our project has challenged you and if you wish to help us, contact us!

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PULSAR is supported by its two cofounders and by the PULSAR Association chaired by Gilles Babinet, Digital Champion at the European Commission.
Gilles Babinet
PULSAR The Open Art Prize mentor
Marine Ulrich
Alix Debussche
Mayeul Fabre - production
Sacha Capelier - communications
Artistic direction & graphic design
Victor Muzet-Herrström
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